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P-Waves and T-Wave Detection Algorithm in the ECG Signals Using Step-by-Step Baseline Alignment
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 Title & Authors
P-Waves and T-Wave Detection Algorithm in the ECG Signals Using Step-by-Step Baseline Alignment
Kim, Jeong-Hong; Lee, SeungMin; Park, Kil-Houm;
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The detection of P-waves and T-wave in the electrocardiogram signal analysis is an important issue. But the accuracy of the boundary detection algorithm is an insufficient level in the change of slow transition in the signal compared to the QRS complex. This study proposes an algorithm to detect P-wave and T-wave sequentially after determining local baseline using QRS complex. First, we detected the peak points based on local baseline and determined the onset and offset through the calculation of the area of the section. After modifying the baseline using detected waveform, we detected the other waveform in the same way and separated the P-wave and the T-wave based on the location. We used the PhysioNet QT database to evaluate the performances of the algorithm, and calculate the mean and the standard deviations. The experiment results show that standard deviations are under the tolerances accepted by expert physicians, and outperform the results obtained by the other algorithms.
ECG;P-wave;T-wave;Baseline Alignment;
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