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Double Encryption of Binary Image using a Random Phase Mask and Two-step Phase-shifting Digital Holography
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 Title & Authors
Double Encryption of Binary Image using a Random Phase Mask and Two-step Phase-shifting Digital Holography
Kim, Cheolsu;
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In this paper, double encryption technique of binary image using random phase mask and 2-step phase-shifting digital holography is proposed. After phase modulating of binary image, firstly, random phase mask to be used as key image is generated through the XOR operation with the binary phase image. And the first encrypted image is encrypted again through the fresnel transform and 2-step phase-shifting digital holography. In the decryption, simple arithmetic operation and inverse Fresnel transform are used to get the first decryption image, and second decryption image is generated through XOR operation between first decryption image and key image. Finally, the original binary image is recovered through phase modulation.
Double Encryption;Random Phase Mask;Phase-shifting Digital Holography;Key Image;Decryption;XOR Operation;
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