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New Still Edge Image Compression based on Distribution Characteristics of the Value and the Information on Edge Image
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 Title & Authors
New Still Edge Image Compression based on Distribution Characteristics of the Value and the Information on Edge Image
Kim, Do Hyun; Han, Jong Woo; Kim, Yoon;
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In this paper, we propose a new compression method for the edge image by analyzing the characteristics and the distribution of pixel values of the edge image. The pixel values of the edge image have the Gaussian distribution around `0`, and most of the pixel values are `0`. By these analyses we suggest the Zero-Based codec that expresses all values in a CU by a single bit flag. Also, in order to reduce the computational complexity of the proposed codec, the block partition and the intra-prediction techniques are proposed by using edge information like the number of each edge direction, the distribution and the amplitude of a major edge direction in the CU. Experimental results show that the proposed codec leads to a slighter distortion in Y domain than that of HEVC, but has far faster processing speed up to 53 times while it maintains the similar image quality compared to HEVC.
Edge Image;Edge Image Analysis;Still Edge Image Compression;Zero-based Codec;
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