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Efficient Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Improved Saliency Map and Superpixel
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 Title & Authors
Efficient Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Improved Saliency Map and Superpixel
Nam, Jae-Hyun; Kim, Byung-Gyu;
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Image segmentation is widely used in the pre-processing stage of image analysis and, therefore, the accuracy of image segmentation is important for performance of an image-based analysis system. An efficient image segmentation method is proposed, including a filtering process for super-pixels, improved saliency map information, and a merge process. The proposed algorithm removes areas that are not equal or of small size based on comparison of the area of smoothed superpixels in order to maintain generation of a similar size super pixel area. In addition, application of a bilateral filter to an existing saliency map that represents human visual attention allows improvement of separation between objects and background. Finally, a segmented result is obtained based on the suggested merging process without any prior knowledge or information. Performance of the proposed algorithm is verified experimentally.
Image Segmentation;Superpixel;Saliency Map;Merging Algorithm;
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