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Secure and Privacy Preserving Protocol for Traffic Violation Reporting in Vehicular Cloud Environment
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 Title & Authors
Secure and Privacy Preserving Protocol for Traffic Violation Reporting in Vehicular Cloud Environment
Nkenyereye, Lewis; Rhee, Kyung-Hyune;
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Traffic violations such as moving while the traffic lights are red have come from a simple omission to a premeditated act. The traffic control center cannot timely monitor all the cameras installed on the roads to trace and pursue those traffic violators. Modern vehicles are equipped and controlled by several sensors in order to support monitoring and reporting those kind of behaviors which some time end up in severe causalities. However, such applications within the vehicle environment need to provide security guaranties. In this paper, we address the limitation of previous work and present a secure and privacy preserving protocol for traffic violation reporting system in vehicular cloud environment which enables the vehicles to report the traffic violators, thus the roadside clouds collect those information which can be used as evidence to pursue the traffic violators. Particularly, we provide the unlinkability security property within the proposed protocol which also offers lightweight computational overhead compared to previous protocol. We consider the concept of conditional privacy preserving authentication without pairing operations to provide security and privacy for the reporting vehicles.
Vehicular Cloud Computing;Traffic Violation Reporting;Authentication;Conditional Privacy Preservation;
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