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Qualitative Research on the Rural Farmers` Exporting Experience in Stage of Conducting Export
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 Title & Authors
Qualitative Research on the Rural Farmers` Exporting Experience in Stage of Conducting Export
Yi, Hyangimi; Goh, Jongtae;
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As an essential means to the exploitation of new demands, the export of agri-food has the price-supporting effect on the domestic agri-food and its expansion can be a good way to increase farms` income. Of course, to enhance farms` income under the liberalization of the market, it is necessary to have countermeasures considering various factors. To this end, the study understood the experiences of farms doing exports and looked into ways to improve them by reviewing their motivations to export, difficulties, requirements, etc. In this context, the study conducted the purposive sampling among tomato export farmhouses in Jeongseon-gun in the export enforcement phase and executed the theme analysis. The research findings and suggestions are as follows. First, in order to enhance the level of commercialization of Jeongseon-gun tomatoes and reinforce the trade bargaining power, it is necessary to form the consensus on policy and make the scaling of the site based on the strong organization power. To this end, it requires the active role of agricultural cooperatives that take a big portion of distribution in the site and distribute its profits directly to farmhouses. Second, it is necessary to set clear target markets for Jeongseon-gun tomato export farms and set sales strategies for each target market. That is, in order to expand the export of Jeongseon-gun tomatoes, after clarifying local sales and export sales, export farmhouses should focus on quality management and secure the quantity for export. Third, to expand the export to Japan which already has the foundation for the export of Korean tomatoes, and to new export countries of China, Russia, etc., it is necessary to set the `Two-Track Strategies for Export Market (particular item for focus and particular area for focus)` through the building of network of tomato export areas in Gangwon-do. In conclusion, to expand the export of Jeongseon-gun tomatoes, agricultural cooperatives and leaders together should build the strong organizational power with farmhouses and secure the quantities for export. And, according to the `Two-Track Strategies for Export Market (particular item for focus and particular area for focus)`, export infrastructure and export operational system should be built and to do so, the solidarity of tomato export farmhouses in Gangwon area should precede.
Conducting Export Stage;Qualitative Research;Tomato Export;
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