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A study on selection of Butterfly and Plant Species for Butterfly Gardening
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 Title & Authors
A study on selection of Butterfly and Plant Species for Butterfly Gardening
SON, Jinkwan; KONG, Minjae; KANG, Donghyeon; LEE, Siyoung; HAN, Songhee; KANG, Banghun; KIM, Namchoon;
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Various types of parks such as ecological park, dragonfly park, etc. are tried to design in order to resolve different environmental issues in urban areas. Parks are considered organism habitats that not only improve the biodiversity but also give people a chance to observe living organisms in urban area. This study was conducted to select basic materials for planning a butterfly garden through reference reviews. The following 21 species of butterflies belonged to 1 order, 4 families, and 16 genera were selected: Phengaris teleius, Pseudozizeeria maha, Thecla betulae, Argynnis hyperbius, Dichorragia nesimachus, Hestina assimilis, Polygonia caureum, Sasakia charonda, Vanessa cardui, Vanessa indica, Boloria selene, Byasa alcinous, Papilio machaon, Papilio macilentus, Papilio protenor, Papilio xuthus, Papilio bianor, Sericinus montela, Colias erate, Eurema hecabe, and Pieris rapae. 85 species belonged to 22 families, 59 genera, 74 species, 10 varieties, and 1 subspecies were selected for host and nectar plants for butterflies selected above. These results would be expected to useful in butterfly gardening. After that, we think it is necessary to be applied these study results in field. This study requires a test in the butterfly garden. The test results will be make the butterfly-plant matrix.
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