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An Analysis of the Effectiveness on Rural Field Forum - Focusing on the recognition change and satisfaction of the inhabitants -
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 Title & Authors
An Analysis of the Effectiveness on Rural Field Forum - Focusing on the recognition change and satisfaction of the inhabitants -
Kwon, Dong-Geon; Jang, Woo-Whan;
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This study was conducted to analyze the policy impacts of the `2014 Rural Field Forum`. From 2013, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs implemented Rural Field Forum to push forward rural development of inhabitants` initiative. In this study, we have evaluated that Rural Field Forum has crucial impacts on residents` competence, region capability and driving force of project by targeting the 374 residents of 350 villages in 9 states who participated in 2014 Rural Field Forum. We also sought for the solution to institutional improvement. Futhermore we analyzed each of leader group and normal residents for departmentalization of policy effects. Taken together, the analysis reveals that: 1)Rural field forum is demonstrated to have a positive effect on the establishment and execution of village development plan and all of its necessary components. 2)Regarding the effect on the village capabilities, the understanding and recognition of village organization was shown to be improved. 3)About regional capabilities, the interest in village project was advanced. 4)In terms of the project execution, Rural field forum turned out to affect the village council processes positively. 5)lastly, between the leader and the residents, the difference effectiveness between them revealed, with the same directivity and considerably bigger effect felt by the leader than by the residents overall.
Rural Field Forum;Led by rural people;Establishment of Rural Development Plan;Bottom-up Rural Development;
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