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Elements and Apply Techniques for Improving the Insulation of Rural Houses
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 Title & Authors
Elements and Apply Techniques for Improving the Insulation of Rural Houses
Kwon, Soon Chan; Kim, Eun Ja; Lim, Chang Su; Lee, Yoo Kyoung;
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Among the factors of living environment, the one that is the most closely related with our living is the building. It is one of the biggest reasons for energy consumption as it forms 36% of the total energy consumption. Technologies equipped with excellent energy performance can hardly be applied to rural areas that are relatively poorer. Still, 89.8% rural residents are living in detached houses, and backward houses increase their financial burden and result in reduced insulation performance. Accordingly, this study is going to review the latest research written after 2000 dealing with rural houses and their insulation. The purpose of this study is to analyze the factors of insulation and how to improve insulation performance, conduct field research to find out how to apply low energy technologies applicable to houses with the subjects of experimental houses, the passive houses located in Jecheon City, Hongcheon Saldun zero energy houses, and energy independence villages, and find out how to perform follow-up research on insulation for rural houses. According to the findings, the latest research on insulation for rural houses is mostly focused on walls as well as windows and doors. Also, as ways to improve insulation performance, it suggests us to use high performance insulators, introduce new regeneration energy technology, and secure hermeticity. In addition, through field research, this author could find out low energy technologies applicable to houses such as solar energy facilities and heat recovery systems. Advanced research on insulation for rural houses has been focused on how to use materials or new regeneration energy, so follow-up research will have to consider the types of farming area or the residents` mode of living.
Rural Village;Rural House;Insulation;Renewable Energy Technology;
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