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A study on the improvement of Ecosystem Service Function for the Protected Horticulture Complex in Agricultural Landscape
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 Title & Authors
A study on the improvement of Ecosystem Service Function for the Protected Horticulture Complex in Agricultural Landscape
SON, Jinkwan; KONG, Minjae; KANG, Donghyeon; LEE, Siyoung;
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Agriculture, rural landscapes are accompanied by a variety of environmental issues. Therefore, it is necessary to study on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Horticulture complex is low groundwater recharge function, it can be evaluated as a facility that biodiversity is impaired. The ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes were obtained 19 kinds of functions. Experts survey Groundwater recharge function (4.13) teeth chapter higher, Water storage (4.05), Amphibian & Reptile habitat (3.96), Aquatic insect habitat (3.92), Flood control (3.87), Water purification (3.86), Avian habitat (3.76 ), Creating landscape (3.74), Vegetation diversity (3.71), Experience, Education (3.69), Biological control (3.48), Fishery habitat (3.42), Climate regulation (3.30), Mammal habitat (3.30), Air quality regulation (3.25 ), Mainenance of genetic diversity (3.25), were analyzed in order Rest area (3.14). Improving capabilities in the Detention Pond, Wetland, Green space, Corridor, Non-Chemical, Program development, Green spaces, Rainwater storage facilities, Water cycle system, Surface water storage facilities, Infiltration trench, Water purification facilities, Permeable pavement. Environmentally friendly, and to contribute to sustainable agricultural development through ecological planning.
Environment;Ecological;Biodiversity;Water Management;Likert;Importance;
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시설원예단지 조성이 농업생태계의 식생다양성에 미치는 영향 분석,손진관;공민재;강동현;박민정;윤성욱;이시영;

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