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Analysis on the Current Situation of the Rural House Garden
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 Title & Authors
Analysis on the Current Situation of the Rural House Garden
Choi, Jin-Ah; Cho, Se-Hwan; Park, Mee-Jeong;
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The purposes of carrying out this research were the efficient formation and management of the house gardens of the farming villages in the future by stereotyping the house gardens of the farming villages and the garden spaces and the facilities through the analysis of the present situation of the farm villages and the suggestion of the basic materials for the improvement of the farming village environments. As a result, there were the limitations that this research had been limited to the garden spaces of the farm village houses, without considering all the environments of the farm villages. It was thought that, if, based on these results, the researches for drawing the item of the concrete creation of the gardens and the management are proceeded with through the in-depth analysis in the vein of the relationship between the farm village homestead gardens and the villages in the future, this will prove helpful in practically formulating and putting into practice the policies for supplying the farm village gardens for the farm villages.
Rural Villages;rural gardens;garden facilities and spaces;rural house;house garden;
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