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Up and Down Flows of Migration in National-Space Hierarchy Over Time
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 Title & Authors
Up and Down Flows of Migration in National-Space Hierarchy Over Time
Han, Yicheol;
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Throughout the economic development era of Korea, migration occurred within a spatial hierarchy, with upward flows from rural areas to urban. The concept of step migration is a typical theory to explain these upward migration flows. Recent migration data and trends, however, indicate that migration-pattern regime shows strongly opposite-direction flows, with many of the major migration flowing downward on this national-spatial hierarchy, away from urban areas. In this study, we examine the most recent structure of migration flows up and down within the national-spatial hierarchy. We define seven tiers to tabulate origin-destination migration flows from population density of local administrative districts for the period 2001-2014, and then analyze the migration patterns between the tiers over time. The results show differentiated patterns of migration within the national-spatial hierarchy over time including specific states of migrants` life cycles.
Migration;Spatial Hierarchy Structure;Step Migration;
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