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The Impacts of Service Quality of Local Food stores on Customer Satisfaction and Revisit Intention
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 Title & Authors
The Impacts of Service Quality of Local Food stores on Customer Satisfaction and Revisit Intention
Han, Jin; Han, Sang-Hyuk; Jang, Dong-Heon;
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This study identified the impact of the service quality of local food stores on customer satisfaction and revisiting intention of the customers as the interest into local foods is increasing. The main outcomes are as follows: First, many of the respondents said that they use the local food stores based on the trust in the origin of the products and good quality. Second, reliability and validity were suitable for factor analysis and the correlation had a positive (+) directivity. Third, reliability, assurance, empathy and tangibles were analyzed to have a positive (+) impact among the 5 aspects of service quality except for responsiveness. Fourth, customer satisfaction had a positive (+) impact on the intention to revisit the local food stores, and reliability, assurance and empathy had a positive (+) impact on revisiting intention at the statistical significance level except for responsiveness and tangibles among the 5 service quality aspects. Therefore, it is thought to be required to keep having interests into service quality to gain a competitive edge as a sustainable management system since the service quality of local food stores has impacts on customer satisfaction and intention to revisit.
Local Food;Service Quality;Customer Satisfaction;Revisit Intention;
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