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Comparison of Soil Chemistry and Environmental Characteristics of Organic Paddy and Conventional Paddy Before Basal Fertilizer Application
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of Soil Chemistry and Environmental Characteristics of Organic Paddy and Conventional Paddy Before Basal Fertilizer Application
Park, Jeong-Soo; Wang, Long; Kang, Ku; Gu, Bon-Wun; Kim, Han-Joong; Hong, Seong-Gu; Hong, Seung-Gil; Park, Seong-Jik;
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Organic farming system has been considered environmental friendly and sustainable agricultural practice. However, the influence of organic farming on soil quality and environment is not well informed and controversial. We sampled and analyzed 0~15 cm and 15~30 cm depth soils of organic and conventional paddy fields in Yongin and Anseong. The electric conductivity and organic matter content of organic paddy soil were significantly less (p
organic farming;paddy;soil properties;nitrogen;phosphorus;heavy metals;
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유기논 및 관행논에서 시비에 따른 담수 수질 및 토양 특성,구본운;박성직;

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