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PCM Main Memory for Low Power Embedded System
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PCM Main Memory for Low Power Embedded System
Lee, Jung-Hoon;
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Nonvolatile memories in memory hierarchy have been investigated to reduce its energy consumption because nonvolatile memories consume zero leakage power in memory cells. One of the difficulties is, however, that the endurance of most nonvolatile memory technologies is much shorter than the conventional SRAM and DRAM technology. This has limited its usage to only the low levels of a memory hierarchy, e.g., disks, that is far from the CPU. In this paper, we study the use of a new type of nonvolatile memories - the Phase Change Memory (PCM) with a DRAM buffer system as the main memory. Our design reduced the total energy of a DRAM main memory of the same capacity by 80%. These results indicate that it is feasible to use PCM technology in place of DRAM in the main memory for better energy efficiency.
DRAM;PCM(Phase Change Memory);Main memory;Buffer system;
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비휘발성 메모리 기반 캐시의 쓰기 작업 최적화를 위한 캐시 시뮬레이터 설계,주용수;김명회;한인규;임성수;

대한임베디드공학회논문지, 2016. vol.11. 2, pp.87-95 crossref(new window)
하이브리드 SPM을 위한 버퍼 공유를 활용한 새로운 버퍼 매핑 기법,이대영;오현옥;

대한임베디드공학회논문지, 2016. vol.11. 4, pp.209-218 crossref(new window)
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