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Load Unbalancing Scheduling Method for Energy-Efficient Multi-core Embedded Systems
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 Title & Authors
Load Unbalancing Scheduling Method for Energy-Efficient Multi-core Embedded Systems
Choi, YoungJin;
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We proposed a load unbalancing scheduling method for energy-efficient multi-core embedded systems considering DVFS (Dynamic Voltage/Frequency Scaling) power consumption and task characteristics. It is a new kind of scheduler which combines load balancing and load unbalancing technique. The purpose of the method is to effectively utilize energy without much effect in performance. In this paper, we conduct experiments on energy consumption and performance using the previous load balancing and unbalancing techniques and our proposed technique. The proposed technique reduced energy consumption more than 13.7% when compared to other algorithms. As a result, the proposed technique shows low energy consumption without much decline in the performance and is adequate for energy-efficient multi-core embedded systems.
Load unbalancing;Load balancing;Real-time scheduler;Multi-core embedded system;
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