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Location-Aware Hybrid SLC/MLC Management for Compressed Phase-Change Memory Systems
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 Title & Authors
Location-Aware Hybrid SLC/MLC Management for Compressed Phase-Change Memory Systems
Park, Jaehyun; Lee, Hyung Gyu;
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Density of Phase-Change Memory (PCM) devices has been doubled through the employment of multi-level cell (MLC) technology. However, this doubled-capacity comes in the expense of severe performance degradation, as compared to the conventional single-level cell (SLC) PCM. This negative effect on the performance of the MLC PCM detracts from the potential benefits of the MLC PCM. This paper introduces an efficient way of minimizing the performance degradation while maximizing the capacity benefits of the MLC PCM. To this end, we propose a location-aware hybrid management of SLC and MLC in compressed PCM main memory systems. Our trace-driven simulations using real application workloads demonstrate that the proposed technique enhances the performance and energy consumption by 45.1% and 46.5%, respectively, on the average, over the conventional technique that only uses a MLC PCM.
Phase-change memory;Memory system;Compression;Hybrid;Location-aware;
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