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Implementation of Integrated CPU-GPU for Efficient Uniform Memory Access Method and Verification System
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 Title & Authors
Implementation of Integrated CPU-GPU for Efficient Uniform Memory Access Method and Verification System
Park, Hyun-moon; Kwon, Jinsan; Hwang, Tae-ho; Kim, Dong-Sun;
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In this paper, we propose a system for efficient use of shared memory between CPU and GPU. The system, called Fusion Architecture, assures consistency of the shared memory and minimizes cache misses that frequently occurs on Heterogeneous System Architecture or Unified Virtual Memory based systems. It also maximizes the performance for memory intensive jobs by efficient allocation of GPU cores. To test between architectures on various scenarios, we introduce the Fusion Architecture Analyzer, which compares OpenMP, OpenCL, CUDA, and the proposed architecture in terms of memory overhead and process time. As a result, Proposed fusion architectures show that the Fusion Architecture runs benchmarks 55% faster and reduces memory overheads by 220% in average.
CPU-GPU;Main memory access architecture;Unified virtual memory access system;GPGPU;
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