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Dynamic Sensing-Rate Control Scheme Using a Selective Data-Compression for Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
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 Title & Authors
Dynamic Sensing-Rate Control Scheme Using a Selective Data-Compression for Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
Yoon, Ikjune; Yi, Jun Min; Jeong, Semi; Jeon, Joonmin; Noh, Dong Kun;
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In wireless sensor networks, increasing the sensing rate of each node to improve the data accuracy usually incurs a decrease of network lifetime. In this study, an energy-adaptive data compression scheme is proposed to efficiently control the sensing rate in an energy-harvesting wireless sensor network (WSN). In the proposed scheme, by utilizing the surplus energy effectively for the data compression, each node can increase the sensing rate without any rise of blackout time. Simulation result verifies that the proposed scheme gathers more amount of sensory data per unit time with lower number of blackout nodes than the other compression schemes for WSN.
Wireless sensor network;Energy-harvesting;Compression;Sensing-rate;Accuracy;
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에너지 수집형 무선 센서 네트워크를 위한 에너지 적응형 데이터 압축 및 전송 범위 결정 기법,이준민;오엄지;노동건;윤익준;

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