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Cache Simulator Design for Optimizing Write Operations of Nonvolatile Memory Based Caches
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Cache Simulator Design for Optimizing Write Operations of Nonvolatile Memory Based Caches
Joo, Yongsoo; Kim, Myeung-Heo; Han, In-Kyu; Lim, Sung-Soo;
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Nonvolatile memory (NVM) is being considered as an alternative of traditional memory devices such as SRAM and DRAM, which suffer from various limitations due to the technology scaling of modern integrated circuits. Although NVMs have advantages including nonvolatility, low leakage current, and high density, their inferior write performance in terms of energy and endurance becomes a major challenge to the successful design of NVM-based memory systems. In order to overcome the aforementioned drawback of the NVM, extensive research is required to develop energy- and endurance-aware optimization techniques for NVM-based memory systems. However, researchers have experienced difficulty in finding a suitable simulation tool to prototype and evaluate new NVM optimization schemes because existing simulation tools do not consider the feature of NVM devices. In this article, we introduce a NVM-based cache simulator to support rapid prototyping and evaluation of NVM-based caches, as well as energy- and endurance-aware NVM cache optimization schemes. We demonstrate that the proposed NVM cache simulator can easily prototype PRAM cache and PRAM+STT-RAM hybrid cache as well as evaluate various write traffic reduction schemes and wear leveling schemes.
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하이브리드 SPM을 위한 버퍼 공유를 활용한 새로운 버퍼 매핑 기법,이대영;오현옥;

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