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A Study on the Different Point of View in Healing Environment between the East and the West
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Different Point of View in Healing Environment between the East and the West
Son, Jihye; Yang, Naewon;
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Purpose: The definition of healing and treatment is different between the East and the West. I suppose that the different definitions of them affect the notion of healing environment in two cultural area. Therefore the aim of this study is to consider the different perspective in healing environment between the East and the West. Methods: Relevant literature review around domestic and foreign reference in fields of medicine and architecture has been conducted to consider the purpose. Results: First, the perspective that the cause of disease stems from inside of body approaches the body from standpoint of healing for recovery. Healing is the way to conquer imbalance by entering into a connection with nature around body. The concept of healing could analyze that it come from relevant perspective. Second, the healing environment in the East is the place where the flow of Qi between, human and human, and, human and environment, keep a balance. The notion of healing environment in the East is the filed of relations. In the West, the notion of healing environment is the place where arouse fine emotions through sensory stimulations. Implications: Recently the studies of healing environment focus on deducing sensory stimulation factors scientifically in the perspective of the West. But the healing environment couldn`t be possible without the notion of place of relations. In the future, the notion of healing environment as the field of relations in the East has to be concerned.
Healing environment of the East and the West;Relational Perspective;Field of relations;Flow of Qi;Sensory Stimulation;
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