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A Study on Comparison of the Characteristic Test of Discharge Water Flowmeters (Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Parshall Flume)
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Comparison of the Characteristic Test of Discharge Water Flowmeters (Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Parshall Flume)
An, Yang-ki; Kim, Jee-young; Kim, Kum-hee; Jang, Hee-soo; Jung, Jung-pil; Choi, Jong-woo;
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The test of comparing liquid flow calibration system (approved by KOLAS) for accuracy and structure change test was performed in the test bed in order to evaluate the typical characteristics of the electromagnetic flow meters and parshall flume that are generally used in the water discharging facilities. The results of the accuracy comparing test with liquid flow calibration system showed the error of less than 2%. Pharshall plume got error up to -8.3% (low flow) from the flow rate test, but less than 4% from the accumulated flow test because of offset error at high flow rate and low flow rate. Evaluation of structual change test was tested with only parshall flume using structure and it consisted of installation angle (parshall flume and level sensor) and position change. Installation angle, water level sensor angle and position changing test for parshall flume had errors of 3.1%~-9.2%, 0.4%~-5.6% and 0.2%~1.3% respectively. Especially, the error showed the largest increase when the water level sensor measured the point of decreased flow by the structure change. Therefore, error factors (change of straight pipe length, installation of obstacle or effect of foreign substances on water level sensor) that can often occur in the field should be derived and the research for optimized installation method should be carried out continuously.
Closed Channel;Electromagnetic Flowmeter;Flowmeter;Liquid Flow Calibration System;Open Channel;Parshall Flume;
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