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Analysis of the Dynamic Characteristics on Aerodynamic Loads of Wind Turbine Blade with New Airfoil KA2
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of the Dynamic Characteristics on Aerodynamic Loads of Wind Turbine Blade with New Airfoil KA2
Kang, Sang-Kyun; Lee, Ji-Hyun; Lee, Jang-Ho;
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This paper proposes a novel airfoil named "KA2" for the blade of the wind turbine systems. Dynamic loads characteristics are analyzed and compared using aerodynamic data of ten airfoils including the proposed airfoil. The blade is divided into the sixteen elements in the longitudinal direction of the blade for applying the Blade Element Method Theory (BEMT) method, and in each element, torque, thrust, and pitching moment are calculated using turbulent time varying wind speed and aerodynamic data of each wing. Additionally, each force and torque is accumulated in the whole region of the blade for the estimation of representative values. The magnitude of such forces is comparatively analyzed for different airfoils. The angle of attack is constant below the rated wind speed due to the fact that the tip speed ratio is kept at the constant value, and it increases in the region of over rated wind speed as the tip speed ratio decreasing with constant rated rpm and increasing wind speed. Such increase in the angle of attack causes the changes of the force acting on the airfoil with different characteristics of lift and drag in the stall region of each different airfoil. Even though the mean wind speed is in the rated speed in a given time, because of the turbulence, it has either the over rated or under rated speed most of the time. Furthermore, the dynamic properties of each force are analyzed in this rated wind speed in order to objectively understand the dynamic properties of the blades which are designed based on the different airfoils. These dynamic properties are also compared by the standard deviation of time varying characteristics. Moreover, the output characteristics of the wind turbine are investigated with different airfoils and wind speeds. Based on these investigations, it was revealed that the proposed airfoil (KA2) is well applicable to the blade with passive pitch control system.
Aerodynamic load;Airfoil;Dynamic characteristic analysis;Wind turbine blade;
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