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A Numerical Study on the Effect of Pitch Angle of Helical Nozzle on the Vortex Tube Performance Characteristics
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 Title & Authors
A Numerical Study on the Effect of Pitch Angle of Helical Nozzle on the Vortex Tube Performance Characteristics
Oh, Yeong Taek; Kim, Kuisoon;
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In this paper, a numerical analysis was performed to investigate the effect of the pitch angle of a helical nozzle on the performance characteristics of a vortex tube. Three-dimensional numerical simulation has been performed with standard turbulence model by using FLUENT 13.0. The effect of the pitch angle of helical nozzle was described in term of . A CFD analysis was performed on ${\beta}
Axial Velocity;Cold Gas Mass Fraction;Energy Separation;Helical Nozzle;Pitch Angle;Swirl Velocity;Vortex Tube;
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