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Accelerating CFD-DEM simulation of dilute pneumatic conveying with bends
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 Title & Authors
Accelerating CFD-DEM simulation of dilute pneumatic conveying with bends
Du, Jun; Hu, Guoming; Fang, Ziqiang; Gui, Wenjie;
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The computational cost is expensive for CFD-DEM simulation, a larger time step and a simplified CFD-DEM model can be used to accelerate the simulation. The relationship between stiffness and overlap in non-linear Hertzian model is examined, and a reasonable time step is determined by a new single particle test. The simplified model is used to simulate dilute pneumatic conveying with different types of bends, and its applicability is verified by compared with the traditional model. They are good agreement in horizontal-vertical case and vertical-horizontal case, and show a significant differences in horizontal-horizontal case. But the key features of particle rope formed in different types of bends can be obtained by both models.
CFD-DEM;dilute pneumatic conveying;time step;
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