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Numerical Investigation of Pressure Fluctuation Reducing in Draft Tube of Francis Turbines
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 Title & Authors
Numerical Investigation of Pressure Fluctuation Reducing in Draft Tube of Francis Turbines
Li, WF; Feng, JJ; Wu, H; Lu, JL; Liao, WL; Luo, XQ;
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For a prototype turbine operating under part load conditions, the turbine output is fluctuating strongly, leading to the power station incapable of connecting to the grid. The field test of the prototype turbine shows that the main reason is the resonance between the draft tube vortex frequency and the generator natural vibration frequency. In order to reduce the fluctuation of power output, different measures including the air admission, water admission and adding flow deflectors in the draft tube are put forward. CFD method is adopted to simulate the three-dimensional unsteady flow in the Francis turbine, to calculate pressure fluctuations in draft tube under three schemes and to compare with the field test result of the prototype turbine. Calculation results show that all the three measures can reduce the pressure pulsation amplitude in the draft tube. The method of water supply and adding flow deflector both can effectively change the frequency and avoid resonance, thus solving the output fluctuation problem. However, the method of air admission could not change the pressure fluctuation frequency.
Francis turbine;draft tube vortex;air supply;water supply;flow deflector;
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