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Physics-based Surrogate Optimization of Francis Turbine Runner Blades, Using Mesh Adaptive Direct Search and Evolutionary Algorithms
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 Title & Authors
Physics-based Surrogate Optimization of Francis Turbine Runner Blades, Using Mesh Adaptive Direct Search and Evolutionary Algorithms
Bahrami, Salman; Tribes, Christophe; von Fellenberg, Sven; Vu, Thi C.; Guibault, Francois;
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A robust multi-fidelity optimization methodology has been developed, focusing on efficiently handling industrial runner design of hydraulic Francis turbines. The computational task is split between low- and high-fidelity phases in order to properly balance the CFD cost and required accuracy in different design stages. In the low-fidelity phase, a physics-based surrogate optimization loop manages a large number of iterative optimization evaluations. Two derivative-free optimization methods use an inviscid flow solver as a physics-based surrogate to obtain the main characteristics of a good design in a relatively fast iterative process. The case study of a runner design for a low-head Francis turbine indicates advantages of integrating two derivative-free optimization algorithms with different local- and global search capabilities.
Physics-based surrogate optimization;Francis turbine runner blade;multi-fidelity algorithm;
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