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Correction and Experimental Verification of Velocity Circulation in a Double-blade Pump Impeller Outlet
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 Title & Authors
Correction and Experimental Verification of Velocity Circulation in a Double-blade Pump Impeller Outlet
Kai, Wang; Qiong, Liu;
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It is difficulty to calculate velocity circulation in centrifugal pump impeller outlet accurately. Velocity circulations of a double-blade pump impeller outlet were calculated with Stodola formula, Weisner formula and Stechkin formula. Simultaneously, the internal flow of impeller for the double-blade pump were measured with PIV technology and average velocity circulations at the 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 times of design flow were obtained. All the experimental values were compared with the above calculation values at the three conditions. The results show that calculation values of velocity circulations with Weisner formula is close to the experimental values. On the basis of the above, velocity circulations of impeller outlet were corrected. The results of experimental verification show that the corrected calculation errors, whose maximum error is 3.65%, are greatly reduced than the uncorrected calculation errors. The research results could provide good references for establishment of theoretical head and multi-condition hydraulic optimization of double-blade pumps.
Double-blade pump;Impeller;Velocity circulation;PIV;Correction;
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