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Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Cavitation in a High-speed Water Jet
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 Title & Authors
Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Cavitation in a High-speed Water Jet
Peng, Guoyi; Okada, Kunihiro; Yang, Congxin; Oguma, Yasuyuki; Shimizu, Seiji;
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Concerning the numerical simulation of high-speed water jet with intensive cavitation this paper presents a practical compressible mixture flow method by coupling a simplified estimation of bubble cavitation and a compressible mixture flow computation. The mean flow of two-phase mixture is calculated by URANS for compressible fluid. The intensity of cavitation in a local field is evaluated by the volume fraction of gas phase varying with the mean flow, and the effect of cavitation on the flow turbulence is considered by applying a density correction to the evaluation of eddy viscosity. High-speed submerged water jets issuing from a sheathed sharp-edge orifice nozzle are treated when the cavitation number, ${\sigma}
Submerged water jet;cavitation;bubble dynamics;two-phase flow;computational fluid dynamics;
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