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Historical Perspective on Fluid Machinery Flow Optimization in an Industry
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 Title & Authors
Historical Perspective on Fluid Machinery Flow Optimization in an Industry
Goto, Akira;
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Fluid-dynamic design of fluid machinery had heavily relied on empiricism and experimental observations for many years. Since 1980s, thanks to the advancements in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), a variety of flow physics have been revealed. The contribution by CFD is indispensable; however, the challenge is required not only on the advancements in CFD technologies but also innovation of "design (optimization) technologies" because of the complex interactions between 3-D flow fields and the complex 3-D flow passage configurations, etc. This paper presents historical perspective on fluid machinery flow optimization in an industry with some messages for the future.
Design technology;Physical insight;Inverse design;Numerical optimization;Multi-objective;Adjoint;
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