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Change in Corrosion Resistance of Solution-Treated AZ91-X%Sn Magnesium Alloys
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 Title & Authors
Change in Corrosion Resistance of Solution-Treated AZ91-X%Sn Magnesium Alloys
Moon, Jung-Hyun; Jun, Joong-Hwan;
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The effects of Sn addition and solution treatment on corrosion behavior were studied in AZ91 magnesium casting alloy. The addition of 5%Sn contributed to the introduction of phase, to the reduction in dendritic cell size and to the increase in the amount of secondary phases. After the solution treatment, trace amount of particles were observed in the -(Mg) matrix for the AZ91 alloy, while phase with high thermal stability was additionally found in the AZ91-5%Sn alloy. Before the solution treatment, the AZ91-5%Sn alloy had better corrosion resistance than the Sn-free alloy, which is caused by the enhanced barrier effect of the () phases formed more continuously along the dendritic cell boundaries. It is interesting to note that after the solution treatment, the corrosion rate of both alloys became increased, but the Sn-added alloy showed higher corrosion rate than the Sn-free alloy. The microstructural examination on the corroded surfaces revealed that the remaining particles in the solution-treated AZ91-5%Sn alloy play a role in accelerating corrosion by galvanic coupling with the -(Mg) matrix.
AZ91;Sn;Microstructure;Corrosion resistance; phase;
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