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Fabrication of AZ31/CNT Surface Composite by Friction Stir Processing
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 Title & Authors
Fabrication of AZ31/CNT Surface Composite by Friction Stir Processing
Kim, Jae-Yeon; Lee, Seung-Mi; Hwang, Jung-Woo; Byeon, Jai-Won;
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Friction stir processing (FSP) was applied to fabricate AZ31/CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) surface composite for improvement of surface hardness of AZ31 Mg-based alloy. The effects of traverse speed of rotating tool and volume fraction of CNT (i.e., groove depth of 3 mm and 4 mm) on the soundness and hardness of the composite layer were investigated. Multi-walled CNTs were fully filled in a machined groove and stirring tool was rotated at the speed of 1400 rpm. Only under the tool traverse speed of 25 mm/min for the specimen with a groove depth of 3 mm, surface composite layer with no defect was successfully produced. Increased hardness of about 35% was observed in the composite layer.
Friction Stir Processing;Surface Composite;Carbon Nanotube;AZ31 Magnesium Alloy;
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