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A Study on the Characteristics of Amorphous TiAl by P/M Processing
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Characteristics of Amorphous TiAl by P/M Processing
Han, Chang-Suk; Jeon, Seung-Jin;
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The P/M processing of titanium aluminide using amorphous TiAl is developed by which it is possible to overcome inherent fabricability problems and to obtain a fine microstructure. A high quality amorphous TiAl powder produced by reaction ball milling shows clear glass transition far below a temperature at the onset of crystallization in differential scanning calorimetry above a heating rate of 0.05 K/s. We obtained a fully dense compact of amorphous TiAl powders, encapsulated in a vacuumed can, via viscous flow by hot isostatic pressing (HIP). Isothermally annealing of HIP`ed amorphous compact under a pressure of 196 MPa shows a progressive growth of phase with (), which is characterized by increasing sharpness of X-ray peaks with temperature. Fully dense HIP`ed compact of titanium aluminide TiAl shows a high hardness of 505 Hv, suggesting strengthening mechanisms by sub-micron sized grain of and particle-dispersion by second phase constituent, .
P/M processing;Titanium aluminide;Reaction ball milling;Crystallization;particle-dispersion;
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