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Comparison of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration Trend and Accuracy from GOSAT and AIRS data over the Korean Peninsula
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Remote Sensing
  • Volume 31, Issue 6,  2015, pp.549-560
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Remote Sensing
  • DOI : 10.7780/kjrs.2015.31.6.5
 Title & Authors
Comparison of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration Trend and Accuracy from GOSAT and AIRS data over the Korean Peninsula
Lee, Sanghee; Kim, Jhoon; Cho, Hi-Ku; Goo, Tae-Young; Ou, Mi-Lim; Lee, Jong-Ho; Yokota, Tatsuya;
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With the global scale impact of atmospheric in global warming and climate system, it is necessary to monitor the concentration continuously on a global scale, where satellite remote sensing has played a significant role recently. In this study, global monthly concentrations obtained by satellite remote sensing were compared with ground-based measurements at Anmyeon-do and Gosan Korean Global Atmosphere Watch Center. Atmospheric concentration has increased from 371.87 ppm in January 1999 to 405.50 ppm in December 2013 at Anmyeon-do station (KMA, 2013). Comparison of the continuous measurements by flask air sampling at Anmyeon-do shows the same trend and seasonal variations with those of global monthly mean dataset. Nevertheless, the trends of over Northeast Asia showed the higher than those of global and the trends also changes with different slope. products derived from Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT) and Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) were compared with ground-based measurement at Anmyeon-do. The monthly mean values of GOSAT and AIRS data are systemically lower than those obtained at Anmyeon-do, however, the seasonal cycle of satellite products present the similar trend with values of global and Anmyeon-do. The accuracy of products from GOSAT and AIRS were evaluated statistically for two years from January 2011 to December 2012. GOSAT showed good correlation with the correlation coefficient, RMSD and bias of 0.947, 5.610 and -5.280 to ground-based measurements respectively, while AIRS showed reasonable comparison with 0.737, 8.574 and -7.316 at Anmyeon-do station, respectively.
Carbon dioxide;Anmyeon-do;Gosan;GOSAT;AIRS;
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