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WPS-based Satellite Image Processing onWeb Framework and Cloud Computing Environment
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Remote Sensing
  • Volume 31, Issue 6,  2015, pp.561-570
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Remote Sensing
  • DOI : 10.7780/kjrs.2015.31.6.6
 Title & Authors
WPS-based Satellite Image Processing onWeb Framework and Cloud Computing Environment
Yoon, Gooseon; Lee, Kiwon;
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Till now, applications of many kinds of satellite images have been accentuated in the datacentric scientific studies, researches regarding system development and concerned technologies for them are on the un-matured stage. Especially, satellite image processing requires large volume data handling and specific analysis functionalities, so that practical necessity of base study for system development is emphasized on. In the view of information system, various edged trends such as web standards, cloud computing, or web framework are utilized owing to their application benefits proven and business needs. Considered these aspects, a testing implementation was carried out using OpenStack cloud computing environment and e-government framework. As for the processing functions, WPS in GeoServer, as one of OGC web standards, was applied to perform interoperable data processing scheme between two or more remote servers. Working with the server implemented, client-side was also developed using several open sources such as HTML 5, jQuery, and OpenLayers. If it is that completed further experiments onsite applications with actual multi-data sets and extension of on-demand functionalities with the result of this study, it will be referred as an example case model for complicated and complex system design and implementation which needs cloud computing, geo-spatial web standards and web framework.
Cloud;Web Framework;Web Processing Service;Open Source;Satellite Image;
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