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Comparison of Edge Localization Performance of Moment-Based Operators Using Target Image Data
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Remote Sensing
  • Volume 32, Issue 1,  2016, pp.13-24
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Remote Sensing
  • DOI : 10.7780/kjrs.2016.32.1.2
 Title & Authors
Comparison of Edge Localization Performance of Moment-Based Operators Using Target Image Data
Seo, Suyoung;
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This paper presents a method to evaluate the performance of subpixel localization operators using target image data. Subpixel localization of edges is important to extract the precise shape of objects from images. In this study, each target image was designed to provide reference lines and edges to which the localization operators can be applied. We selected two types of moment-based operators: Gray-level Moment (GM) operator and Spatial Moment (SM) operator for comparison. The original edge localization operators with kernel size 5 are tested and their extended versions with kernel size 7 are also tested. Target images were collected with varying Camera-to-Object Distance (COD). From the target images, reference lines are estimated and edge profiles along the estimated reference lines are accumulated. Then, evaluation of the performance of edge localization operators was performed by comparing the locations calculated by each operator and by superimposing them on edge profiles. Also, enhancement of edge localization by increasing the kernel size was also quantified. The experimental result shows that the SM operator whose kernel size is 7 provides higher accuracy than other operators implemented in this study.
Subpixel localization;target image;moment-based operators;localization performance;
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