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Cerebral Activation Area Following Oxygen Administration using a 3 Tesla Functional MR Imaging
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Cerebral Activation Area Following Oxygen Administration using a 3 Tesla Functional MR Imaging
Goo, Eun-Hoe; Kweon, Dae-Cheol;
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This study aim to investigate the effects of supply of oxygen enhances cerebral activation through increased activation in the brain and using a 3 Tesla fMRI system. Five volunteers (right handed, average age of 21.3) were selected as subjects for this study. Oxygen supply equipment that provides 30% oxygen at a constant rate of 15L/min was given using face mask. A 3 Tesla fMRI system using the EPI BOLD technique, and three-pulse sequence technique get of the true axial planes scanned brain images. The author can get the perfusion images of the brain by oxygen inhalation with susceptibility contrast EPI sequence at the volunteers. Complex movement consisted of a finger task in which subjects flexed and extended all fingers repeatedly in union, without the fingers touching each other. Both task consisted of 96 phases including 6 activations and rests contents. Post-processing was done on MRDx software program by using cross-correlation method. The result shows that there was an improvement in performance and also increased activation in several areas in the oxygen method. These finding demonstrates that while performing cognitive tasks, oxygen administration was due to increase of cerebral activation.
Brain;fMRI;Cerebral Activation;Oxygen Administration;
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