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The Benefits of Stick Walking: Evaluation at Ankle, Knee and Hip Joints
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 Title & Authors
The Benefits of Stick Walking: Evaluation at Ankle, Knee and Hip Joints
Kim, Suk-Won; Lee, Jung-Yong; Park, Ki-Won; Yoon, Hoon-Yong; Park, Sung-Ha;
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A laboratory study was performed to evaluate the effects of an aid(i.e. stick) on joint loadings. Six healthy young participants were recruited from Virginia Tech student population. Each participant has performed three normal walking and three stick walking trials. Normalized and integrated, ground reaction forces(GRFs) and joint moments were measured at ankle, knee, and hip joints from kinematic and kinetic data. The result suggests that stick walking significantly reduces vertical ground reaction force and joint moments at ankle and knee compared to normal walking.
Nordic walking;Stick walking;Joint Moment;Ground Reaction Force;
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