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An Analysis of Characteristics of Musculoskeletal Disorders Risk Factors
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 Title & Authors
An Analysis of Characteristics of Musculoskeletal Disorders Risk Factors
Kim, Hyun-Ho; Park, Hyun-Jin; Park, Ki-Hyuk; Kim, Wook; Yoo, Chan-Young; Kim, Jeung-Ho; Park, Jung-Sun;
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This study was aimed to analyze of characteristics of Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) based on the industrial accident statistics which were extracted from the Ministry of Labor. In this study all MSDs cases in 2007, 7,723 cases, were investigated. First of all, for the analysis of a wide view point concerning the characteristics of MSDs, We have inspected characteristics of the user population (i.e. age, gender, employed periods, etc.). Secondly, work-related risk factors such as repetitive motions, awkward postures, manual material handling were analyzed in terms of disease code, injured part of body, types of business, etc. Next, characteristics of handling of heavy materials were analyzed according to weight, types of handling, agency of cause, etc. Finally, we have compared and analyzed the features between the period of hospitalization and other variables. In addition to that we also conducted statistics analysis. The study results showed that there were significant characteristics of MSDs that could be used as basis data for the MSDs prevention policy.
MSDs;Risk factors;Industrial accidents;
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