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The Interactive Virtual Space with Scent Display for Song-Do Tomorrow-City Experience Complex
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 Title & Authors
The Interactive Virtual Space with Scent Display for Song-Do Tomorrow-City Experience Complex
Kim, Jeong-Do; Park, Sung-Dae; Lee, Jung-Hwan; Kim, Jung-Ju; Lee, Sang-Goog;
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Recently, we designed an interactive virtual space for the multi-purpose hall in Songdo Future City, located in Incheon, Korea. The goal of the design is to make a virtual space that is flexible and can be adjusted thanks to its unfixed seats in order to accommodate different and unspecified audience sizes. Virtual images are interactively adjusted according to the distance, position and size of audiences, information about which is detected by 9 photo sensors. To increase the sense of immersion, intensity and reality, we utilized the technology of scent display that can create appropriate scents to match the images on the screen. The intensity and persistence of scents were determined by the size, distance and position of audiences. The virtual image contains background images and reactive images. The background images repeatedly project images of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The reactive images consist of small portraits or pictures or icons that define or characterize the season types, and these are added to the background image according to the distance, position and size of the audiences.
User Experience;Interactive Virtual Space;Scent Display;Ubiquitous Computing;Human-Computer Interaction;
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가상현실과 향 디스플레이 연동,임승주;이해룡;박준석;김정도;

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