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Digital Design Process of Marine Leisure Boat Using Human Sensibility Evaluation
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 Title & Authors
Digital Design Process of Marine Leisure Boat Using Human Sensibility Evaluation
Choi, Chool-Heon; Jang, Phil-Sik; Seo, Moon-Seog;
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Korea has been took the top ranking in the global shipbuilding industry in terms of new orders, order backlogs and the volume of vessels for several years. However, the domestic small- and medium-scale shipbuilders currently face imminent threat from China and new challenge to focus on development of high value-added ships. So far, the marine leisure industry of Korea has been showed weak global competitiveness and there were few attempts to design and develop leisure boats and yachts. We describe the digital design process of leisure boat exterior that could reflect user`s sensibilities and feelings of entire forms of the products. This design process contains stepwise sensibility evaluation via web and provides designers with various and fast feedbacks about their design outputs in each design stage.
Leisure Boat;Exterior Design;Human Sensibility Evaluation;Design Process;
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