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Analysis of Functional Status and Determination for Improvement of ADLs: Korean Elderly
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of Functional Status and Determination for Improvement of ADLs: Korean Elderly
Kim, Sa-Yup; Park, Seong-Bin; Hyeong, Joon-Ho; Chung, Kyung-Ryul;
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Muscular strength in the elderly is important factors deciding on functional state in daily lives, and functional state shows a health condition. Resistance training to prevent loss of muscle mass and muscle fiber atrophy due to aging can increase muscle mass and strength. Recently, resistance training to improve muscular strength and endurance has been actively researched. Resistance training increases activities of daily living and ability of the elderly, which makes healthy senescent. ADL/IADL is suitable for measuring health condition of the elderly. In this study, target muscles of resistance training were chosen through a correlation analysis between ADLs and elementary motion, and we presented a procedure to select target muscles and exercise equipments. This procedure consist of a survey method that were described detailed motion of ADL/IADL. So we should be to extract resistance training machine to improve functions of regarding fundamental motion. Result of study may improve daily life activities of the elderly through objectives and scientific approaches. Furthermore, it will be helpful to studies about various fields of the elderly.
Elderly;Senior Fitness;Strength;ADL;
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