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Analysis of 3D Motion Recognition using Meta-analysis for Interaction
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of 3D Motion Recognition using Meta-analysis for Interaction
Kim, Yong-Woo; Whang, Min-Cheol; Kim, Jong-Hwa; Woo, Jin-Cheol; Kim, Chi-Jung; Kim, Ji-Hye;
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Most of the research on three-dimensional interaction field have showed different accuracy in terms of sensing, mode and method. Furthermore, implementation of interaction has been a lack of consistency in application field. Therefore, this study is to suggest research trends of three-dimensional interaction using meta-analysis. Searching relative keyword in database provided with 153 domestic papers and 188 international papers covering three-dimensional interaction. Analytical coding tables determined 18 domestic papers and 28 international papers for analysis. Frequency analysis was carried out on method of action, element, number, accuracy and then verified accuracy by effect size of the meta-analysis. As the results, the effect size of sensor-based was higher than vision-based, but the effect size was extracted to small as 0.02. The effect size of vision-based using hand motion was higher than sensor-based using hand motion. Therefore, implementation of three-dimensional sensor-based interaction and vision-based using hand motions more efficient. This study was significant to comprehensive analysis of three-dimensional motion recognition for interaction and suggest to application directions of three-dimensional interaction.
Three-dimensional Interaction;Meta analysis;Recognition;
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