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A Steering Wheel Angle Analysis of Old and Young Drivers in Right Turning at Intersection
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 Title & Authors
A Steering Wheel Angle Analysis of Old and Young Drivers in Right Turning at Intersection
Ryu, Tae-Beum; Min, Byung-Chan;
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Due to the ageing-related degradation in physical and cognitive abilities, the elderly have difficulty in car driving and this is related to the high rate of car accidents among them. This study investigated the kinematic characteristics of old drivers` steering in right turning at intersections by comparing with young drivers. Thirteen old(60~70) and thirteen young(20~30) drivers who participated in the experiment turned their cars right side at intersections in a driving simulator. As results, the completion time of right turning at intersection of old drivers was larger than that of young drivers. The speeds of vehicle at the beginning and ending point of the right turning area of old drivers were smaller than those of young drivers, and also the steering angle at the ending point of the turning area of the former was smaller than that of the latter. The normalized jerk of old driver`s steering was significantly larger than that of young drivers. These results indicate that old drivers modify their steering movement repeatedly and take the driving strategy of avoiding risks due to their reduced physical capabilities.
Old driver;Steering angle;Turning;Intersection;Driving simulator;
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