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The Development of Design and Evaluation Guidelines of Convenient Equipments of Farm Work for the Elderly
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 Title & Authors
The Development of Design and Evaluation Guidelines of Convenient Equipments of Farm Work for the Elderly
Son, Byung-Chang; Shin, Seung-Heon;
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Objective: This study is to develop a design and evaluation guide to the ergonomic design of the farm working convenient equipments in order for the elderly to use them easily and safely. Background: The aging population has already increased in farm villages. But due to the usage of the farm working equipments that did not reflect the characteristics and functional changes of aging, accidents and patients with disease are increasing. Method: The study investigated the functional changes and physical, cognitive, and sensuous characteristics of the aged. By determining the criteria for classification of the convenient equipments by crop, and by finding out the items necessary for the ergonomic design, a guide to this study is proposed. Results: It is obvious that the physical, cognitive and sensuous functions change as the aging process continues. Therefore, for the design and evaluation of Control Panel, Control Lever, Frame Size, Shape, and Equipment Weight that are the necessary items for the ergonomic approach for the farm working equipments, such characteristics have to be reflected. Conclusion: Through this study, a guide to the design and evaluation of convenient equipments for the farm works that reflected the aging characteristics and functional changes has been proposed. Application: The result of this study is to expect not only designers but also related specialists to make the best use of it.
Aging;Farm Working Convenient Equipment;Design Guide;Evaluation Guide;
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농업인 건강 및 안전을 배려한 인간공학적용에 관한 연구동향,곽효연;

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