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Proposal of Applying the Exercise Program for the Prevention of Work-related Chronic Low Back Pain
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 Title & Authors
Proposal of Applying the Exercise Program for the Prevention of Work-related Chronic Low Back Pain
Yang, Yeong-Ae; Kim, Seong-Su; Hur, Jin-Gang; An, Sun-Joung; Kim, Hee-Soo; Cha, Su-Min; Heo, Jun; Park, Yun-Hee; Park, Bo-Ra;
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Objective: The purpose of this research is to provide exercise programs for the prevention of work related chronic back pain. Background: In order to prevent musculoskeletal disease, including proper medical care health promotion programs are needed. Method: This is a research of musculoskeletal disease looking at 618 workers working at a car engine manufacturing factory from April to July of 2008. Through questionnaire specific areas of musculoskeletal diseases experienced by the workers were identified and preventative exercise program for chronic low back pain was recommended. Result: Research showed that of the musculoskeletal disease experienced by the workers, 197 presented with low back pain, 171 presented with shoulder pain, 64 presented with neck pain and 44 presented with knee pain. The symptoms of low back pain included stiffness(143), twinge and burning sensation(24) and absence of sensation(19). Using this result 4 types of exercise programs were recommended for prevention of chronic low back pain. Conclusion: Preventative exercise programs recommended for the workers in this research is easily accessible for the workers. Use of the suggested exercise programs will inevitably decrease work related low back pain. Also 2 other recommendations were made: 1) Internal structural change may be necessary using ergonomics. 2) More exercise programs to be used to increase adaptation and tolerance of joints and muscles that are constantly used for repetitive work. Application: This study can be used to provide for the prevention of work-related Chronic Low Back pain.
Musculoskeletal Disease;Transverse-abdominis;Work habit;Low back pain;
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