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Job Stress at the Shipbuilding Industry
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 Title & Authors
Job Stress at the Shipbuilding Industry
Lee, Kwan-Suk; Chung, Da-Yeh;
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Objectives: The objectives of this study are to discuss the importance of job stress and to introduce a model of job stress at the shipbuilding industry considering the characteristics of the shipbuilding works. Background: Shipbuilding works consist of grinding, painting, interior works, welding, and assembling and using heavy equipment in narrow space or work at outside or at high and dangerous places. The working environments aggravate the stress to the workers. Methods: Studies of job stress in industries including shipbuilding industries were reviewed and the characteristics of jobs of shipbuilding were analyzed to find causes of job stress. Results: A model was constructed based upon these findings and reviews. Conclusions: Job stress of shipbuilding workers are very high and thus job and working conditions need to be improved to attenuate the level of job stress of shipbuilding workers. Applications: This model can be used to identify the highly stressed workers and sources of stress.
Shipbuilding industry;Job stress;High strain;Low strain;Passive work;Active work;
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