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The Change of Garment Pressure and Body Measurement by Material of Women`s Girdle
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The Change of Garment Pressure and Body Measurement by Material of Women`s Girdle
Park, Jee-Hye; Chun, Jong-Suk;
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The aim of this study was to investigate the appropriate elasticity of the textile material used for making women`s girdle. Background: The elastic textiles have been used for making girdle. The hard type girdle gave high pressure on the body to make slim look. However, excessively high garment pressure caused negative effect to human bodies. This study studied the material giving proper garment pressure in girdle. Method: In this study five experimental girdles were made fabrics with various elasticities. The change of garment pressures and body girths were measured after subjects wearing the experimental girdles. The garment pressure was measured at 10 points. Body girths measured at abdomen, hip, and thigh. Results: The garment pressure of the commercial girdle was high at side of waistband, side femur and back gluteal fold. The experimental girdles made with high elasticity material definitely lowered garment pressure at those points. After wearing experimental girdle their abdomen and hip girths measurements were decreased. But, thigh girth was not reduced. Conclusion: The girdle made with excellent elasticity materials reduced garment pressure significantly and it made body slim as much as the commercial girdle except the thighs. Application: This study provides guideline for the developing girdle that applying optimum range of garment pressure with body slim effect.
Girdle;Garment pressure;Textile;Elasticity;
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