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A Study on Developmental Direction of Interface Design for Gesture Recognition Technology
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Developmental Direction of Interface Design for Gesture Recognition Technology
Lee, Dong-Min; Lee, Jeong-Ju;
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Objective: Research on the transformation of interaction between mobile machines and users through analysis on current gesture interface technology development trend. Background: For smooth interaction between machines and users, interface technology has evolved from "command line" to "mouse", and now "touch" and "gesture recognition" have been researched and being used. In the future, the technology is destined to evolve into "multi-modal", the fusion of the visual and auditory senses and "3D multi-modal", where three dimensional virtual world and brain waves are being used. Method: Within the development of computer interface, which follows the evolution of mobile machines, actively researching gesture interface and related technologies` trend and development will be studied comprehensively. Through investigation based on gesture based information gathering techniques, they will be separated in four categories: sensor, touch, visual, and multi-modal gesture interfaces. Each category will be researched through technology trend and existing actual examples. Through this methods, the transformation of mobile machine and human interaction will be studied. Conclusion: Gesture based interface technology realizes intelligent communication skill on interaction relation ship between existing static machines and users. Thus, this technology is important element technology that will transform the interaction between a man and a machine more dynamic. Application: The result of this study may help to develop gesture interface design currently in use.
Interaction design;Gesture interface;Multi-modal;Sensor technology;
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