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A Characteristic Analysis of Ergonomic Console Layout Studies Using Optimization Techniques
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 Title & Authors
A Characteristic Analysis of Ergonomic Console Layout Studies Using Optimization Techniques
Jung, Kihyo; Kim, Jaejung; You, Taekho; Lee, Baekhee; Lee, Wonsup; Park, Seikwon; Roh, Woongseok; You, Heecheon;
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Objective: The present study systematically analyzed the characteristics of ergonomic layout optimization methods by a comprehensive literature survey. Background: Although layout design methods for ergonomic placement of controls and displays on a console have been developed, understanding of their characteristics is lacking. Method: The present study analyzed layout optimization papers published past 20 years from the following four aspects: optimization model, optimization algorithm, design principle, and constraint/assumption. Results: The existing layout optimization methods based on various optimization techniques consider only a partial set of four layout principles(importance, frequency of use, sequence of use, and functional grouping) and two ergonomic criteria(visibility and reach). In addition, the existing methods oversimplify components in various sizes, shapes, and angles by assuming the equality of the components in size and shape. Conclusion: A more effective layout optimization method is needed which considers the layout principles and ergonomic criteria in a comprehensive manner and reflect the diversity of components in size and shape. Application: The identified characteristics on the existing layout optimization methods can be applicable to development of a better ergonomic console layout design method.
Ergonomic layout;Layout optimization;Layout design principles;Ergonomic criteria;
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